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Spotlight On: Aaron Scherer, Project Manager, Southwest Market

Aaron Scherer

When did you realize you were interested in construction and the built environment?

My uncle worked on the finance side of a general contractor in Washington state. After college he asked me if I was interested in visiting a couple construction sites. As soon as I set foot on the site, I was blown away. I never realized the level of complexity and organization that went into building. I knew immediately I wanted to be involved.

What is your favorite aspect of the construction industry?

Teamwork! Construction is similar to a football team or orchestra, where people with all different backgrounds and personalities come together to reach the same goals. Leading those diverse teams, like a coach or conductor, from a project’s start through completion, gives me incredible energy.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on two speculative industrial projects, the first being a 15,000-square-foot tenant improvement in City of Industry that finishes up this June. The second is Pacific Coast Collection, a three-site, three-building project just under 300,000 square feet. We are excited to add both of these projects to our diverse southwest portfolio.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever been?

Cinque Terre, a centuries-old string of fishing villages in Italy. I had the opportunity to backpack across Europe for a month, and Cinque Terre really stood out. Far outside any major city, the atmosphere is authentic Italy: real villages, real people. The wide open views of the sea are incredible. It took two hours to hike from the first village to the last. I am hoping to return soon.